LUKE 1:45

”Blessed is she who has believed that the Lord would fulfill his promises to her!” (NIV) -Just as Mary believed in the word of God that was delivered by an Angel. Mary Magdalene who believed in her liberator & follow him all the way to calvary , Esther believed in God’s promise & Took a stand for her people ,& Ruth who follow her mother-in-law back to her land because she believed in God’s faithfulness. These are the women who believed, fought, & lived in Christ, For Christ & with Christ. They are all amazing, God transformed all their lives.. And now, I just wanna share this to you, my experienced on how God fulfilled (still fulfilling) his promises to me.

I am an athlete though it doesn’t look Because if you can see me I’m just an ordinary girl, small (Guest what is my height) , chubby (BUT STILL I HAVE THE SHAPE HAHA) , with black-brown hair & having a brown complexion,for short I am a pure  Filipina (haha #Proud). I’ve started to be an athlete when I was elementary ,I played badminton for 3 years (Grade 3,4 &5) and then in the secondary education I also chose the same sport but I failed in the last competition I joined,  so frustration came over me that time, You know the feeling of goner that’s why I don’t need to explain. I can’t move-on for the fact that I’m on shame. Of course , I need to face the reality, then, when I entered COLLEGE its really whoah! Boom! because I am in the filled of sports . That’s not the plan. That’s not my plan!.  I should go in teaching but what happened?  I cried out because I don’t like that ‘cuz I feel like I’m gonna be an underdog, still an underdog.

The night when I decided to be a BPE-SWM student (Because I dont have a choice) , I asked God why did he allowed me to have that course. I prayed, that’s the only thing I know that can help me to stop in sadness and  in wondering. It goes like this ” Lord, Thanks for everything you’ve done to me …. Sorry because I failed you, I asked questions and  I complained. You know me ,more than I know my self so now, even if I don’t understand your will I asked for the  JEREMIAH 29;11. (Prosper & a future).Let your will be done.! In Jesus name AMEN! ” After several months, I need to play again because its part of my course , I don’t want to be a nanny in the competition that’s why I want to play again. So, here I go again I told my self. I ”try-out” in the badminton club but unfortunately I’ve lose. I failed gosh ! but this is the good thing I read the bible and I’m shocked because God is really talking to me that time. He said ” Matthew 6:33, Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things will be added unto you” I feel good  because I saw him, I mean His power, I heard his voice. tomorrow morning I heard that there is another try-out for football and I asked him again ”Lord, Is that okay if I play football, if that so I will try again, Let your will be done.” Because I have a background about this sport, I try-out. At first Its fine, I am under training, whoah! ”Under training” ,it means that my name will be part of the team and I  just need to wait for the confirmation. As time passed by, I learned how to focus in this sport, I went home late, I ate late, and most especially, I learned How to Love it. I thought I belong here, I thought this is it, But actually I am wrong Because I return home crying not for joy but because my heart is aching, What should I do now? Every sports are cleared-up, Where should I go, I need to play because It can help me and



haahaah! Guys salamt. TEKA meron napo yung HELLO WORLD KO, tas inedit ko na naman yung 1st trial, tas hindi papo tapos yung INTROVERT wala na kasi ako sa mood pero ipagpapatuloy ko sya, Tas yung moon oo ako nagpicture nun, hahahah yun ang napapala ng walang sariling DSLR ,Yun e dadagdagan kopa po yun natulog nakasi ako nun gawat hindi ko na kaya. 🙂 Salamat keep on reading.