LUKE 1:45

”Blessed is she who has believed that the Lord would fulfill his promises to her!” (NIV) -Just as Mary believed in the word of God that was delivered by an Angel. Mary Magdalene who believed in her liberator & follow him all the way to calvary , Esther believed in God’s promise & Took a stand for her people ,& Ruth who follow her mother-in-law back to her land because she believed in God’s faithfulness. These are the women who believed, fought, & lived in Christ, For Christ & with Christ. They are all amazing, God transformed all their lives.. And now, I just wanna share this to you, my experienced on how God fulfilled (still fulfilling) his promises to me.

I am an athlete though it doesn’t look Because if you can see me I’m just an ordinary girl, small (Guest what is my height) , chubby (BUT STILL I HAVE THE SHAPE HAHA) , with black-brown hair & having a brown complexion,for short I am a pure  Filipina (haha #Proud). I’ve started to be an athlete when I was elementary ,I played badminton for 3 years (Grade 3,4 &5) and then in the secondary education I also chose the same sport but I failed in the last competition I joined,  so frustration came over me that time, You know the feeling of goner that’s why I don’t need to explain. I can’t move-on for the fact that I’m on shame. Of course , I need to face the reality, then, when I entered COLLEGE its really whoah! Boom! because I am in the filled of sports . That’s not the plan. That’s not my plan!.  I should go in teaching but what happened?  I cried out because I don’t like that ‘cuz I feel like I’m gonna be an underdog, still an underdog.

The night when I decided to be a BPE-SWM student (Because I dont have a choice) , I asked God why did he allowed me to have that course. I prayed, that’s the only thing I know that can help me to stop in sadness and  in wondering. It goes like this ” Lord, Thanks for everything you’ve done to me …. Sorry because I failed you, I asked questions and  I complained. You know me ,more than I know my self so now, even if I don’t understand your will I asked for the  JEREMIAH 29;11. (Prosper & a future).Let your will be done.! In Jesus name AMEN! ” After several months, I need to play again because its part of my course , I don’t want to be a nanny in the competition that’s why I want to play again. So, here I go again I told my self. I ”try-out” in the badminton club but unfortunately I’ve lose. I failed gosh ! but this is the good thing I read the bible and I’m shocked because God is really talking to me that time. He said ” Matthew 6:33, Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things will be added unto you” I feel good  because I saw him, I mean His power, I heard his voice. tomorrow morning I heard that there is another try-out for football and I asked him again ”Lord, Is that okay if I play football, if that so I will try again, Let your will be done.” Because I have a background about this sport, I try-out. At first Its fine, I am under training, whoah! ”Under training” ,it means that my name will be part of the team and I  just need to wait for the confirmation. As time passed by, I learned how to focus in this sport, I went home late, I ate late, and most especially, I learned How to Love it. I thought I belong here, I thought this is it, But actually I am wrong Because I return home crying not for joy but because my heart is aching, What should I do now? Every sports are cleared-up, Where should I go, I need to play because It can help me and


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